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Colaborative economy in chartering

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The sharing economy is becoming increasingly prevalent in the nautical charter sector.


The preferences of lovers of the sea are becoming clearer: the purchase of boats for rent grows, compared to possession, year after year. According to ANEN statistics, the recreational boat market started in 2020 with a growth of 16.8% in recreational boat registrations, a good figure for a month in which records historically show figures equal to or less than of the same month of the previous year. In January of this year, 229 registrations have been registered compared to the 196 reached in January 2019. Of the total number of boats registered in that month, 40 (17.5%) were destined for nautical charter (rental). This market presents a growth of 208% with respect to the data of January 2,019, concludes ANEN (data provided by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine.

This growth in the nautical charter activity is due, on the one hand, to the increasing demand for this service by tourists, both local and those who visit us, and on the other, to the use, sometimes irrational, that the The owner of a boat does it for his private use and therefore, how unprofitable it is for him to have it solely for that exclusive purpose, having to face the enormous fixed expenses (docking, insurance, crew, maintenance, hibernation in some cases, etc. ), Which makes us, in many cases, seriously consider the convenience of renting a boat every time we want to go sailing. From this reflection emerges the trend, with increasing force, of what is known as the collaborative economy

The collaborative economy is increasingly imposed in the nautical charter activity, offering various options

MIXED OPTION: Contribution of your boat to society: If the boat is already yours, you have the option of putting it into operation, with a specialized company, at least this way you will obtain an income that will offset as much as possible those fixed expenses from which We talked before and in turn, you could use it whenever you want. If in addition, our objective is put on sale of the boat, with more reason to choose the mixed option, because the boat will be receiving all the necessary attention in terms of care and maintenance, since otherwise, in almost all probability, we will arrive to lose interest in the ship and it remains in the most absolute abandonment, with its consequent depreciation.

SHARED OPTION. Buy a boat in multiple ownership. If you are one of those who likes the sea, but you do not have a boat and you do not want to buy one because you do not know, for sure, if the sea is your thing or for any other reason, there is a shared option. In other words, to become part, in society, of a certain boat that is in operation by a nautical charter company and that it enjoys experience and a wide portfolio of clients, with which, you have part of a boat owned, shared with one or more other owners and which you can enjoy with your family and friends on certain days of the year, in turn entering the boat rental sector with the help of experts so, while enjoying it, You will be earning a minimum income to alleviate the fixed costs. It is what we could understand as business within the collaborative economy. In any of the two options mentioned, you are assigned, by common agreement, a few days of exclusive enjoyment per year, which you can always exchange for other dates, with any of the partners or with the charter company itself.

Ocean Charter Club offers these and many other options, for yachts, sailboats and catamarans. Options that are having great reception by the general public, and not only in times of crisis, such as the one we are currently experiencing due to COVID 19, but throughout the last years, which has come to energize, even more, the nautical charter sector, And it is that if we analyze the advantages of the collaborative economy, for the parties involved, there is no doubt that this formula is here to stay.

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